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Swimming Pool Accessories

When you need accessories for your swimming pool, just call us. We can get them for you.

Get More Use Out Of Your Swimming Pool with Pool Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories available to enhance the use you get out of your swimming pool.

Automated Swimming Pool Controlers

The Control4 home automation system has the ability to control swimming pool and spa heaters, filter pumps, lighting, water features and more. The OmniLogic can be controlled from any Control4 interface. Those include apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™.

“With the new OmniLogic backyard control system, Control4 smart home owners can now enjoy touch-of-a-button access to independent temperature controls for the pool and spa as well as control over spa jets, swimming pool lights and event system filter pumps,” said Control4 Product Manager, Jamie Hawkins. “The ability to tie your pool, outdoor audio, deck lighting and even the entertainment system together is a really compelling and cool outdoor experience that Control4 customers crave.”

Pool accessories control

Winter Swimming Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are designed to secure and protect your pool through the winter. They retard algae growth and keep pools clean through the winter. The also make you pool look good in the off-season.

Solar Covers

A solar cover for you pool will maximize the amount of heat producing sun rays that enter your pool. It can extend the days you can use your pool. They can also cut the heading bills for a heated pool.

Safety Equipment

There is a range of equipment available to enhance the safety of you pool. Pool alarms make your swimming pool area safer. Fences can keep the wrong people from getting into you pool. There is a wide range of other equipment available.

Automated Pool Controler

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