Gordon's Pool Service

Gordon Snuggs, Owner and Manager
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Pool Services

Your pool needs to be maintained. Checking it's filters, circulation and other elements prolongs the life of your pool. We can set a schedule to make all of these checks for you regularly.

We Check You Pool's Equipment and Filters

You pool equipment needs to be operating regularly. And it needs to be doing it's job. Our visits will insure the it is doing exactly that.

Types of Filters

There are different pool filters available. The type of filter you choose is important. We will be happy to talk to you about what type of filter is best for your pool.Automated Pool Controler

Automated Pool Controler

Cleaning Equipment

The skimmers, pumps, drains and filters need to me checked regularly. This equipment insures that you chemicals work properly and that your pool is properly filtered.

Pump Equipment

For you pool to operate correctly the pump equipment must work. Keeping a regular check on this is important. We can make regular visits to your pool and make the checks so you don't have to.

Filter Checking

The changing of pool filters will vary from pool to pool. As a part of our regular service we will check you filters. When they need changing, we will change them for you.

Gordon's Pool Service

Phone: 704-956-6078

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