Gordon's Pool Service

Gordon Snuggs, Owner and Manager
Phone: 704-956-6078

Pool Cleaning

Let us clean your pool for you! Our services include skimming off leaves and debris. We remove dirt that has collected on the sides and bottom of your pool. Our pool cleaning is professionally done.

We Visit Your Location

We make regular visits to your pool through the swimming season.

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning can be a real chore. We can take this hastle away from you. We will clean you pool and check to make sure you pool equipment is operating correctly.

Quality Equipment

We have some of the best pool cleaning equipment available. We can do the job faster and better than you can yourself.

Pool Brushing

Dirt will collect on the sides of your pool throughout the season. We use a brush to remove that dirt. We brush the sediment to the bottom of the pool and then vacume it up.

Automated Pool Controler

Leaf Removal

Leaves and other debris floating on the surface of the pool need to be removed regularly. We take a long handled skimmer to gather up the elements you don't want in your pool.


The debris that gathers at the bottom of you pool needs to be removed. We submerge our heavy duty vacuum clean the pool floor.

Pool wall

Gordon's Pool Service

1631 Badin Road

Albemarle, NC 28001

Phone: 704-956-6078

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